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Ted's client's films have been successfully released in theaters, on DVD, Television and such platforms as Netflix, Comcast, InDemand, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu and more!


Ted provided consulting, cash flow analysis and sales projections that were used to succesfsuly raise the funds needed for this wonder family film starring Shannon Elizabeth.



Marshall_MoviePoster_ComingSoonTwelve-year-old Finn endures daily torment from the bullies at his school. But his life begins to change the day that he encounters a Labrador retriever named Marshall. He finds the dog being held in deplorable conditions, at the mercy of an animal hoarder who keeps 60 dogs penned up on her isolated ranch. The boy sees something of himself in Marshall: both are bullied, but both are brave. Finn pulls off a daring rescue, saving Marshall from the dogs that are attacking him.

That’s only the beginning.


In an E.T.-like game of cat and mouse, Finn must hide Marshall from his stressed-out single mother, Cynthia. It’s truly a race against time as Finn and his sassy 16-year-old cousin, Grace, try to find help for Marshall before his wounds fester and he dies of an infection.


Along the way, however, Marshall gets spooked and runs away from Finn. The dog embarks on a series of scary, funny, and heartwarming adventures, while everyone, including Cynthia and her love interest (the handsome veterinarian Doc Henry), desperately look for him. Finn faces his own challenges, too, as he continues to encounter the local bully and his mother – the hoarder who wants her dog back.

In the end, Finn and his family are able to get Marshall to the vet hospital, and it is the special bond between a boy and his dog that will ultimately save the brave Lab.  Marshall has to have his front leg removed, but he is a fierce survivor and can outrun most four-legged dogs, while teaching everyone an important lesson:

Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle.


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